Rent or Lease

Thank you for your interest in Nazareth Housing Development Corporation’s Affordable Housing Programs. Please read the following information for details about the program.


Nazareth Housing has several homes available as part of our Affordable Housing programs. Nazareth rehabilitates and refurbishes older abandoned or foreclosed homes for low/moderate income families and individuals who meet the program qualifications to purchase, lease purchase or rent. A substantial subsidy is available to eligible homebuyers who purchase homes outside of the City of Akron.

At Nazareth Housing we listen to the preferences and needs of our clients, ad do our best to provide them with save and affordable housing.


The Homes which are part of Nazareth’s Affordable Housing programs have no rental subsidies attached to them (i.e. Section 8), however, rental subsidies such as section 8 will be accommodated if applicable.

Client eligibility for rental is based on a balance of your household’s debt-to-income and the costs for Nazareth Housing to carry the property and other factors.

Eligibility for Lease Purchase is based on the client’s current credit situation and scores, bank loan readiness and other factors.



Once we have received your preliminary application for our Affordable Housing programs, you will be required to attend a free General Home Repair Course. The course will teach you essential home repairs that you can do yourself without dangerous tools or complicated instructions and how to keep your costs down throughout the year.

Please contact Nazareth Housing for more information and to schedule the General Home Repair Course: (330) 374-1526.

If you are interested in Lease Purchase, you will be referred to one of our HUD-approved Homebuyer’s Education Partner Agencies. Please refer to the “First Steps for Nazareth Homebuyers” flyer for more info.


We will meet with you and your family to discuss your housing options, hear your needs a preferences and determine what obstacles, if any you will need to address in order to successfully rent and/or purchase a home. A Nazareth Housing staff member may schedule a time to walk through available properties with you or you may choose to drive by the properties on your own. You Should Submit your Program Eligibility Documents prior to the meeting.

Nazareth Housing may perform an unscheduled house visit and visual inspection of your current living arrangements in order to streamline our client-selection process.

Flat Rent Is Based On Client Affordability

Client eligibility for rental is based on a balance of your household’s debt-to-income and the costs for Nazareth Housing to carry the property and other factors.

For Example:

The cost for Nazareth Housing to carry a particular three bedroom home (i.e. taxes, insurance, mortgage, maintenance, property management fees, etc.) is $600.00; this number is the base rent amount for this particular home. Typically, eligibility is based on whether up to 36% of your monthly income matches or exceeds this number. Nazareth Housing will not put you in a home that either you or we feel you cannot afford.

Rental Agreement, Security Deposit and Move-in

Once you have submitted your eligibility documentation and have chosen a home that meets your needs, you will then sign a Rental Agreement with Nazareth Housing.