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  • Nazareth Housing’s Monster Mash! is one week away! Get yourself some tickets & a costume and meet us on the dance floor Saturday October 25 at Paolo's. Starts at 7pm and we won’t stop ‘til there’s no roof on the place! Lets rock until one of your socks droops down in your shoe! Get your tickets! \m/(>.<)\m/

    Posted By Nazareth Housing Development Corporation

    October 18th

  • All of Nazareth Housing’s Clients are low to moderate income families who need stable homes and who may not have the knowledge or affordability to purchase a home by other means. Our Clients earn less than 80% of the area median income (AMI). The average Nazareth Housing home buyer earns about 61% of AMI or less than $35,000 annually. Most of our clients are first-generation homeowners, for our home-ownership program, clients complete financial literacy and home-buyer education courses on topics such as insurance, interest rates and credit scores. Without your help, these families would not be able to afford the kind of safe and decent housing that Nazareth Provides.

    Posted By Nazareth Housing Development Corporation

    October 17th

  • Nazareth Housing understands that while having safe and affordable housing is a need we all share, home ownership is not for everyone. The need is greater all the time for affordable rentals. Therefore, we have created a rental program that combines affordability with Nazareth’s commitment to quality, integrity and accountability. Nazareth Housing offers 3-5 bedroom homes usually below current fair market rent values in Akron, Springfield Township, and Lakemore. Call us today to see what’s available: 330 374-1526

    Lease & Rental Programs Thank you for your interest in Nazareth Housing Development Corporation’s Affordable Housing Programs. Please read the following information for details about the program. PROGRAM DETAILS Nazareth Housing has several homes available as part of our Affordable Housing programs.…

    Posted By Nazareth Housing Development Corporation

    October 16th

  • Homebuyers who wish to purchase a home through Nazareth Housing must be willing to work hard to own their own home. This often means you must complete the credit repairs that are necessary to obtain a bank loan. Homebuyer’s must also learn how to save and manage their money better. Nazareth Housing along with our partners who provide HUD-approved Homebuyer’s education courses will assist you and your family down the path to Homeownership!

    Posted By Nazareth Housing Development Corporation

    October 15th

Why Should I Choose A Nazareth Home? 

There are many superb reasons to work with Nazareth Housing to purchase your first home. The first, of course, is the large amount of subsidy available to eligible home-buyers which makes housing costs extremely affordable. Here are a few more... <Read More>