Lead Abatement

Thank you for your interest in Nazareth Housing Development Corporations’ Lead Hazard Reduction Program. Please read the following information for details about the program.

Program Details

Grant money is available to eliminate lead based paint hazards in your home:

• If you own a home built before 1978 that is in need of repair, up to $15,000 in grant funds may be available to eliminate lead based paint hazards in your home. This means if the cost to eliminate the lead hazards in your home only come to $2,500, for example, you are only eligible for $2,500 of the $15,000 Grant.

Program Timeline

Application Materials & Risk Assessment – 1-2 Weeks

Once we have received all of your application materials, we will contact the City of Akron to schedule a Lead Risk Assessment. A representative from the City of Akron will call you and schedule a day/time to perform the risk assessment. This test will determine if, where and the severity of any lead hazards in your home. Please be sure to contact Nazareth Housing to let us know the day and time of the scheduled Risk Assessment

Lead Blood Testing

We recommend that all children who live in the home or visit for a significant amount of time have a lead blood test. The lead blood test is free for children under six years of age, and will determine whether or not your child has severely elevated levels of lead in their blood in which case, proper arrangements will be made in a timely manner to address the issue.

It takes roughly one week for us to receive the results from the lead risk assessment. Our Construction Manager will then compile a List of Work that details the repairs and lead hazard items to be addressed.

Bid List of Work – 2 Weeks

The list of work is placed out to bid with at least three contractors. The contractors will contact you within two weeks to schedule a day/time to assess your home and determine the price for which they are willing to complete the work. Nazareth will select the contractor with the most reasonable bid.

Once we have received all of your application materials and select a contractor, we must present the information to the Lead program’s Grant Review Committee where, if approved, we will be permitted to use the proposed grant money.

Please note that you may be contacted by a representative of the Lead program from the City of Akron, Department of Planning & Urban Development to sign paperwork for the grant funds to be used.

Relocation – Varies

Are you able to relocate yourself and your family?

You will not be able to stay in your home while lead hazard reduction work is being performed. Although we will try to be of assistance, you are responsible for finding a place to live temporarily and preparing your home for this program.

Your home will need to be prepared prior to your relocation. All curtains and blinds must be taken down from windows, walls must be free of pictures or anything that may fall and/or become damaged. All food must be removed from your refrigerators and freezers.

You may also need to move items away from walls, rooms, and windows so the contractor may have access to successfully complete the work. The specifics of such items will be made clear before Relocation is scheduled.

Prior to your Relocation, you will receive a form upon which you must record the location, model type and serial# of all valuable and electronic items in your home. This is done for the protection of you the Homeowners and the Contractor to ensure that nothing in your home is misplaced or missing when you return.

On the day of your Relocation, Nazareth and the contractor will assess your home one last time to ensure that the work to be done can be done successfully. Before pictures will be taken of the areas where work is to be done and Contracts will be signed between The Homeowner, Nazareth Housing and the selected Contractor. All locks will be changed when you leave your home to ensure that you or a loved one cannot return to the property and become exposed to lead hazards. If you have left something behind and need to obtain it, please call Nazareth Housing at (330) 374-1526 and arrangements will be made to assist you.

You will be able to Relocate back to your home when the Contractor has successfully complete all items on the List of Work, and a certificate proving that all lead hazards have been abated. All work done by our contractors is backed by a one year warranty. Contact Nazareth Housing if any problems occur with the work completed by the contractor.