Programs and Services

Home Ownership Program

Thank you for your interest in Nazareth Housing Development Corporations’ Homeownership Program.

Nazareth has several homes available as part of our Home Ownership Program. Nazareth will rehabilitate and refurbish these homes for low/moderate income homebuyers who meet program qualifications.

Nazareth Strives to ensure our first-time home owners the greatest chance for success by working with other non-profits, who provide financial literacy education (including credit counseling).

Nazareth goes a step further by putting our clients first; we listen to their preferences and needs and do our best to provide them with safe and affordable housing.


Up to $40,000 in assistance may be applied to your home loan making it extremely affordable to own your own home.

Nazareth purchases repossessed or foreclosed homes, which we then rehab using local, quality-driven, reputable contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. Nazareth allows our homebuyers to make many personal choices in the home, depending on where in the building process they become qualified clients, creating a more personalized home. Every home is sold at Summit County’s appraisal of the property.

FOR EXAMPLE: If a client eligible for the maximum subsidy ($40,000) applied that subsidy to a home appraised at $90,000, their end loan would be $50,000 ($90,000 – $40,000 = $50,000).

Their mortgage would be $50,000 plus closing costs for a $90,000 home!

  • 50% of the subsidy is a forgivable grant which disappears after 10 years.
  • The other 50% of the subsidies is a no interest, no payment deferred loan, which requires no payment and does not build interest. You will be responsible to repay the deferred loan on the following terms:
  • The property title must remain in your name and the property must be your primary residence
  • You cannot refinance the home for anything except a lower interest rate
  • Your loan must not be in default and/or the home must not be in foreclosure
  • You may be responsible to repay the loan after living in the home for 40 years

Each home is fully refurbished, up to code and in good repair. No ‘surprise’ expenses when you move in. Every home comes equipped with brand new high-energy efficient appliances.


Once we have received your preliminary application for the program, you will be referred to one of our HUD-approved Homebuyer’s Education Provider partner agencies. Please read “First Step for Nazareth Homebuyers” for more info.


We will meet with the clients to go over housing options, and determine (based on credit situation) an estimate of how long it may take to obtain a bank loan. It’s at this point that the clients have decided on a house and that Nazareth housing determines your program eligibility and your range of affordability.

You will need to bring the Program Eligibility Documentations to his meeting.


Homebuyers must then work to eliminate any credit issues. This will help to raise your credit scores high enough to get a bank loan. Nazareth Housing will then begin construction work on your home after we have received your *down payment and you have signed a purchase agreement.

The construction work will be placed out to bid with 3 local and very reputable contractors. Nazareth will select the contractor with the most reasonable price for the work. Nazareth Housing may be able to offer you a choice of paint colors, carpet colors, siding colors, and many other options which will add your personal touch to the home.


Once construction work is completed, you have handled your credit issues, and have raised your credit high enough; you will apply for a bank loan with a bank of your choice. After you have successfully obtained a bank loan and have paid closing costs you will be able to move into your newly refurbished home.

Nazareth may be able to offer a Lease Purchase Option, which allows you to move into your home sooner while you work towards obtaining your bank loan. As an incentive for you to do your best to obtain a loan, your monthly rent will be raised to an amount higher than what we expect you to pay once the house’s title is in your name.

Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Grant Program

Grant for Home Repairs!

to Protect Young Children from HARMFUL LEAD

Good News! We have acquired funding in collaboration with the City of Akron Department of Planning & Urban Development and we would love to assist your family, if we can, with your housing repair needs!

You May Qualify for New Windows, Kitchen Cabinets, New Doors, New Porch Deck, Vinyl Siding and More!

Nazareth Housing Development Corporation’s Lead Hazard Reduction Program can provide a grant for up to $14,000 which will assist in the elimination of lead-based paint hazards in your home by replacing windows, doors, siding, and many other home repair issues that are caused by hazardous lead paint.

Landlords with qualifying rental homes may receive a 75% discount to abate lead based paint hazards.

Call Nazareth Housing for more info:

(330) 374-1526


  • Please keep in mind that the first qualification for the Lead program is that there must be a child under age six who visits or lives in your home at least 8 hours per month.
  • You must own your home, or if you are a landlord, have a tenant who qualifies.
  • Additionally, your household’s annual income must not exceed the current HUD income limits.
  • Your mortgage payments (if applicable) property taxes and homeowner’s insurance payments must be current, or you will need to provide proof of a payment plan.