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Programs & Housing Opportunities

Nazareth Housing Dev. Corp. has three housing programs, all of which serve to provide improve people’s lives, the housing stock, strengthen neighborhoods and improve the quality of safe, decent and affordable housing in Summit County, OH.

– thoroughly renovates distressed houses and makes them into homes for low and moderate income families in Summit County, Ohio.

Nazareth Housing has a rental program.

We rent or sell these now contemporary and thoroughly renovate abandoned houses and make them into homes

When funds are available, we also do home repair for owner-occupied homes.

Nazareth Housing is an environmentally, fiscally and locally responsible. utilizes local contractors and vendors. We further steward

Please call to see which programs

How We Operate

At Nazareth Housing, we strive to understand each individual family’s specific housing needs and to revitalize the neighborhood communities in which we build. Nazareth endeavors to foster a diverse environment in which the differences and talents of all persons with whom we work, partner, and serve are essential to our success. We collaborate with local vendors, subcontractors, local financial institutions, HUD certified home-buyer’s education providers, the County of Summit, and the City of Akron to keep the cost of homes and housing repairs affordable.

We create value in housing by successful business relationships, adhering to tight construction processes to keep costs down, building homes that are of excellent quality, and by listening to the specific needs of each family.

Why Should I Choose a Nazareth Home?

Nazareth is a faith-inspired non-profit whose mission is to help low and moderate income families and individuals with affordable housing and hoe repairs–in other words, helping you with safe and affordable housing is just what we do!

Our homes are built or rehabbed with high quality and affordability by local reputable contractors and suppliers.

Our Vision

Our vision is that all people will live in housing that is adequate to their needs, affordable to their incomes, and satisfying to pride.

Our vision is that by eliminating blighted and inadequate housing and replacing it with safe, well-constructed, new and rehabilitated homes, we will be planting the seeds that will help give rebirth and revitalization to those neighborhoods affected.

Our vision is that those neighborhoods will become the seeds that revitalize the city and county, by revitalizing and re-energizing the people who have been helped.

Our dream is that those people, revitalized now by the satisfaction of one of humanity’s most basic needs– housing –will themselves dream and reach their full potential as human beings.